Freight Rail Works

It’s hard to get your head around $29 billion dollars. What does it buy? Why is it important? How does the investment benefit customers and ultimately, the nation? This year’s campaign takes us around the country for a closer look at freight rail projects and their ultimate impact. We’ll hear directly from those performing the work as well as customers benefitting from it. Tune in to see how our private investments are improving communities, industries, and the environment, every day.

Meet Jeremy

Right now Jeremy is “riding the rails” to check out the latest projects and investments being undertaken by the freight rail industry. As he’s learning about the items that make up the industry’s $29 billion yearly investment, he’ll also be bringing back stories for this campaign from all across the U.S.

Born and raised in Southern California, Jeremy has been an NCAA championship volleyball team member, a snowboard instructor and a former NatGeo WILD TV Host.

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