Freight Rail is on track to spend $29 billion on its network this year.

See where it’s going right now.

We are
Designed to Move a Nation

Moving a nation requires enough track to circle the earth 5.6 times. Enough power to haul 1.5 million rail cars a day. Enough economic might to spend 6x the U.S. manufacturer’s average on growth and modernization. Only one industry has the logistical prowess and the financial commitment to move all others. Ours.

How much are we spending today?

Maintaining the safest, most reliable freight rail system in the world requires colossal investment. This year, we expect to spend over $79 million a day on track improvements, greener locomotives, additional rail cars, innovative technology and other enhancements to conduct customer freight to its destination efficiently.


  • $79,452,055

    Daily total to build, maintain and grow the network

  • $43,698,630

    To maintain and modernize rail, ties and ballast daily

  • $35,753,425

    To service, refurbish and purchase locomotives and cars daily